Legends of Tomorrow: Astra Brings in a Human Gideon

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After losing John, Astra tried hard to prove herself worthy and accidentally brought a new member to the Legends of Tomorrow.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 7, Episode 1, “The Bullet Blondes,” which aired Wednesday on The CW.

Astra has a unique place when it comes to Legends of Tomorrow. Starting as one of the main antagonists for Season 5, Astra eventually became a member of the ragtag team of misfits and outlaws. While it took her a touch longer to get acclimated to the team, she eventually found herself alongside her former friend John Constantine as they learned magic together. However, John’s downfall through the use of Aleister’s elixir has left her without a mentor. While trying to prove herself worthy, she ended up introducing a new member to the Legends of Tomorrow, who has also been there since before the team even formed.

When audiences last left off with the Legends of Tomorrow, their trustworthy ship, the Waverider, had been blown up by another version of itself. This left the team stuck with no way home, no technology and no Gideon to help them on their journey. Unwilling to give up, the team tried out all of their options but kept coming up short. Astra felt powerless, as she is still a novice magician and cannot do half the things John could. Regardless, Astra wanted to help and prove that she could be a good replacement for John by using a resurrection spell on the Waverider. Everything was going well and the ship was coming together nicely until Astra’s nose started to bleed. The Legends begged her to stop but she pushed through, eventually collapsing to the ground before the spell could be completed, leading her to be placed on bed rest.

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Later on, Astra had a chat with Gloria, Spooner’s mother, regarding her fears of not being good enough to replace John or do magic the way he did. Gloria relayed a story about her training as a healer and how her mother’s method of healing was difficult to replicate. So Gloria found her own way to be a healer and became a great one in the process. This sentiment was repeated shortly after when Astra talked to Spooner about her concerns, confirming that the team does not need another John, it needs Astra. The duo joked about how helpful Gideon would be in making them a steak and a cocktail. As they laughed, a string of energy left Astra’s hand and formed into a figure, standing tall amongst the sunlight. They were both shocked and confused when they recognized this mysterious being as none other than Gideon herself, in the flesh.

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Amy Louise-Pemberton, who has provided the voice of Gideon these last six seasons, has officially joined the Legends of Tomorrow in a more physical form. While it is currently unclear if she will possess any abilities or skills, it will be joyous to see Gideon working alongside the Legends while expanding her character. Louise-Pemberton has performed as Human Gideon on a number of occasions but this time, she will hold a full season in her human form.

From AI to flesh and blood, Gideon’s time with the Legends of Tomorrow is sure to keep fans in their seats, with Season 7 airing Wednesday nights on The CW. 

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