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‘Meaning’ of challenges facing the economy

Human life is like a series of endless questions! Man can only handle some of these questions. Some have to get rid of it. This is not the case with financial issues. Why didn’t it happen in a different way; But it has to be solved. They can’t leave anyone in the lurch. Because it has a direct bearing on the life and death of all of us. Of course, the perimeter of these economic questions is different. For that, everyone has to have meaning. It is more or less the same. This meaning needs to be understood by the person through his life practices and thoughts, studies. In this context, there seems to be a poverty of that economic sense among Indians and even among Marathi people. Literature that alleviates this poverty and awakens that sense is also rarely seen in the Marathi province. Pvt. Sanjay Thigale’s collection of short essays ‘Arthabhan’ has just come to hand.
It is a sincere attempt to make the reader’s financial sense aware. In fact, this entire writing of the author has been published in various dailies on that occasional justification. All of them are written in four sections according to their subject matter. The various articles written in this book are informative to the general public in very simple, straightforward language on economic factors. These topics are directly related to the daily life of the common man. Contains articles on economic aspects of family, agricultural health and education. Through which the economic organs of money, market, economy, co-operation, energy, animal husbandry, natural resources and environment are considered. This is the first attempt in the form of a book by the author to present the burning and living issues before the society in a simple style, to create awareness about it, to present a calendar of their solutions wherever possible.
Authors appear to have deliberately categorized their articles into four sections. It changes the way people think about money, family management, coin market, national interest, indigenous industries, agriculture and animal husbandry, and energy. In the second part, the authors have very sensitively presented the current challenges in the field of education, banking, health, co-operation, literacy, from the local level to the economy of the country.
In the 90’s, we started adopting neo-liberal philosophy. The resulting environmental issues, the challenge of population growth, the increased risk of natural disasters, at all levels.
The third part deals with the current problem of increasing pollution. At the same time, the authors shed light on the current Corona epidemic, the global crisis, the consequences of both the lockouts, and future changes. Indians have come to realize not only financially, but overall. It has been nurtured by many dignitaries in the past. The ideological and functional influence of those great personalities is so great that even today, in solving the complexities of the present day, their ideological context has to be taken into consideration. Its work needs to be scrutinized to determine the current policy. It is with this in mind that the author, in the fourth part of the book, the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Mahatma Jotiba Phule, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. The character of Dhananjayrao Gadgil’s economic thoughts has been highlighted.
The current era is one of globalization, the boom of private entrepreneurship and the rapid growth of the service sector. Therefore, it is important to have a sense of purpose as well as a global impact, to be able to balance the profit and loss calculations of private entrepreneurship and to be able to balance the fast growing services sector. Looking at your senses only from a local, state or national perspective, will be narrowed down to all these backgrounds. In addition, national and international politics should not be left out of the consideration of ‘meaning’.
Human groups around the world and in other states across the country are at the forefront of the next stages of development by acquiring a high level of meaning. We need to be able to underline the importance of the sense of meaning we need in a comparative context. From this point of view, the foreign travels made by the authors of this book are very useful. Vocabulary presenting any subject is not the final or unique one in that subject. So it is an ideological current in Saraswati. This flow of thoughts continues to flow. At the same time, more and more diverse thoughts, opinions, facts, big and small streams are added to it. From this the thought of this stream becomes Ganga, this thought gets to the social sea with the speed of Ganga contemplation.

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