Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss Guide

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In Metroid Dread, Samus wades into deep water to fight Drogyga. While the environment comes with its restrictions, Drogyga is arguably an easier boss.

Drogyga is the fourth boss Samus faces in Metroid Dread. Up to this point, Samus has won against Corpius in the starting region of Artaria, Kraid in the molten region of Cataris and the robot Chozo soldier in Ferenia. Samus encounters Drogyga in Burenia by taking the passageway newly-opened by the Chozo she met in Ferenia. Samus must defeat Drogyga before taking the elevator to Ghavoran, a prehistoric area with dinosaurs. The remaining E.M.M.I. units on ZDR are still offline at this point, so for the moment, Samus isn’t focused on destroying them. Instead, she will need to watch out for more robot Chozo soldiers.

The fight against Drogyga takes place underwater. Samus’ movements will be hindered here, but thankfully she does not need to be quick on her feet for this particular fight. As long as players watch and time their responses to Drogyga’s attacks, they should be able to come out of this battle largely unscathed. In comparison to the previous encounters, Drogyga is one of the least challenging bosses so far.

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Breaking Down the Fight Against Drogyga

Drogyga underwater attack in Metroid Dread.

Samus has little room to maneuver in this fight. Drogyga occupies the center of the battlefield, blocking her from reaching the other side. She must use her new grapple beam and attach to the spider magnet pad to cross from one side to another. The goal in this fight is to drain water from the room to expose Drogyga’s weak spot.

Drogyga uses two different attacks. The first takes the form of energy wisps that descend on Samus. The second are its tentacles that either swipe at Samus’ feet or shoot out to stab her. Players must evade these and focus on shooting the glowing tentacle at the top of the screen.

Once the tentacle is sufficiently injured, Samus can use the magnet pad to shoot both buttons and drain the water from the area. Doing so stuns Drogyga and gives Samus an opportunity to deal considerable damage to the beast. When Samus’ time is up, Drogyga will attack with a tentacle that can be countered. Successfully countering this attack restores health and ammunition before the water rises and the process repeats.

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Strategies for Defeating Drogyga

Samus shooting a power button in Metroid Dread's Drogyga boss battle.

The glowing wisps are not much of a concern since they can be destroyed while Samus is attacking the glowing tentacle, ideally with missiles. However, the red wisps take longer to destroy than the blue, prioritize destroying the blue ones. These also provide ammunition far more frequently than the red ones do.

Samus can easily jump over Drogyga’s tentacles to avoid their swipe, but players will need to time their jumps more precisely. Since this fight takes place underwater, Samus does not move as lithely as she normally does. Players may find they evade the first tentacle but wind up landing on the second, thus sustaining damage.

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To fully power the buttons, players should use a Charge Beam shot. While sliding to the other side on the magnet pad, have the next shot prepared so Samus can fire as soon as she lands. Otherwise, players will run out of time and have to repeat the first stage without dealing significant damage to Drogyga.

When the water rises again, Drogyga will begin swiping and stabbing out with its tentacles. Samus should focus on shooting the glowing tentacle that’s disrupting power so that players can drain water from the room as soon as possible. From there, it’s just a matter of shooting more missiles at Drogyga’s weak spot and ending the battle.

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