Titans Recap & Spoilers: Season 3, Episode 12, “Prodigal”

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 3, Episode 12, “Prodigal,” available now on HBO Max.

For the past few episodes of Titans Season 3, Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow has advanced his goals of taking over Gotham City in a big way. Most recently, a fight between his protege, Jason Todd/Red Hood, and Dick Grayson/Nightwing ended with the latter seemingly down for the foreseeable future. However, as Crane keeps winning, his psyche has become more and more fractured. In the latest episode of Titans, “Prodigal,” Crane gets another big win, but loses a key ally in the process.

Here’s a spoiler-filled recap of what happened in “Prodigal,” the penultimate episode of Titans Season 3.

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Titans Confirms What Happened to Nightwing

Titans Season 3, Episode 12, "Prodigal" image.

As “Prodigal” opens, Rachel Roth/Raven and Gar Logan look for Nightwing. The former knows that he’s in grave trouble, and soon they find him laying beaten on the ground where the citizens of Gotham City left him. Rachel tries using her magic, but it’s not enough. “It’s too late,” she says. Yes, Nightwing is dead.

After screaming out in anger, a bunch of bats surround Gar, and he ends up morphing into one. The bats lift Dick’s lifeless body into the air and carry him away to the Lazarus Pit the two discovered last episode. However, it’s initially unclear whether he’ll come back to life.

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Scarecrow Loses a Key Ally and the Drakes Fight Back

Titans Season 3, Episode 12, "Prodigal" image.

Back at the Batcave, Scarecrow continues his descent into madness, rambling incoherently to Jason. Soon, Scarecrow vows to kill everyone in Gotham, and Jason refuses to help him any longer. The two then fight. In the end, Jason escapes.

At the Drake restaurant in Chinatown, Tim Drake tells Donna Troy/Wonder Girl that Dick is dead, showing him photos as proof. This prompts the Drakes to look for another way out the city, though Tim claims he’ll stay and fight. Donna then leaves, later returning with a heavily armored vehicle so they can escape the city.

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Tim insists he stay, but Donna refuses to relent. Gotham City Police Department soon starts chasing them, and Donna hides so as to avoid the scrutiny that comes with having a Titan. Tim’s father, Jack Drake, takes the wheel. A retired GCPD officer, Jack claims Scarecrow called him in to help deal with the resistance.

However, the officers force Tim — who is in the passenger seat — to open the back of the armored vehicle, where everyone else is. When he opens the door, the Drakes and Donna go on the offensive, though “Prodigal” leaves their fate unclear.

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Superboy Makes a Shocking Decision

Joshua Orpin as Superboy in Titans Season 3, Episode 4, "Blackfire."

As Komand’r/Blackfire attempts to steal a car, Krypto appears so as to guide her to Superboy, who Nightwing downed with green kryptonite last episode. Blackfire heals Superboy. Soon after, Blackfire tells Superboy that she no longer wants to work with the Titans, and he expresses how he’s unsure of how he should proceed. In the end, Blackfire and Superboy decide to team up, forming their own super duo.”Fuck the Titans,” Superboy says.

Krypto, Superboy and Blackfire then return to the lab in which she was imprisoned. Superboy grabs Dr. Kind — the man who was experimenting on her — by the collar. Before they can kill him, though, Dr. Kind trades them Blackfire’s ship in exchange for his life. Blackfire reveals she has no intention of going home, and then Koriand’r/Starfire comes in, saying they need to talk.

After Starfire spills the whole truth about their powers, the two sisters seemingly patch things up, and Blackfire decides to return to Tamaran to claim the throne. However, Dr. Kind’s research team accidentally destroyed her ship’s fuel, which isn’t available on Earth easily. Blackfire says Superboy will be able to make the fuel, but they argue about whether she should actually go. Blackfire, though, remains determined to go to Tamaran and live a whole life. The two kiss, and Superboy makes the fuel. However, when they start Blackfire’s ship, it becomes apparent that Superboy sabotaged the fuel. The vehicle blows up, standing Blackfire on Earth.

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Nightwing Comes Back to Life, But Scarecrow Wins Big

Titans Season 3, Episode 12, "Prodigal" image.

At the Lazarus Pit, Raven talks about how love gave her the power to triumph over Trigon after Gar expresses his mixed feelings about his new powers. Raven then uses her magic to tap into Gar’s feelings at the sight of Dick’s dead body. She explains the bats found Gar because of his love for Dick. As their conversation ends, the Lazarus Pit starts bubbling.

Dick imagines himself walking through a cave. A version of Crane appears and starts talking to Dick as he has flashbacks to the deaths of his parents and his life of violence. “Don’t you get it? The battle for your soul is over,” Crane says. “You lost. You chose the path of Bruce Wayne.” Crane then calls Nightwing a failure and claims he wanted Jason dead. Nightwing then imagines himself as Joker and beats Jason to death with a crowbar.

In the afterlife, Dick rejects Scarecrow and drops Joker’s crowbar. A bright light then flashes, and he ends up seeing a younger version of himself playing with his father in the woods. Dick tries apologizing to his father, and the older Grayson forgives him. After his father leaves, Dick sees a girl with a red balloon and walks towards her. The girl gives him the red balloon, and she says, “Hi, daddy.”

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However, Dick then sees Jason. Scarecrow tries to convince Dick that he’s failed Jason, but Nightwing vows to save his old friend. As Dick punches Scarecrow, he emerges from the Lazarus Pit. Dick tells Gar and Rachel to unite the Titans and take them to Donna right before leaving. Eventually, they are able to figure out where she is thanks to a broadcast from Tim about the Drake restaurant no longer being safe.

As that’s going on, Barbara Gordon is in police custody at the GCPD building. She pretends to be passed out in her wheelchair and ambushes the cop bringing her food. This lets her escape the cell. Soon, though, other GCPD officers start pursuing her, so she goes down to Oracle and starts reactivating the powerful program.

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In Gotham City, a maskless Jason walks around firing his gun, yelling that Nightwing is gone to no one. Dick then appears with Jason’s mask, surprising him. Dick tells him he was put into the Lazarus Pit, just like him. “I need your help,” Dick says. Jason then repeats what Scarecrow rambled about earlier in the episode, which gives Dick the information he needs to know Crane is planning to release fear toxin across the city. Jason and Dick then team up to stop Crane.

The two raid one of Batman’s storage facilities, which has a number of different trophies, to find the fear toxin Crane needs to accomplish his plan. However, inside, they only find a book that Crane was reading earlier in the episode. All of the fear toxin is gone. As the end of the episode reveals, Crane already has what he needs to destroy Gotham City once and for all.

The first 12 episodes of Titans Season 3 are available now on HBO Max. Episode 13 releases Oct. 21.

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