Under 30s in the UK: has your consumer behaviour changed, and if so, why? | Consumer affairs

We’re keen to hear from people aged 30 and under in the UK about whether they have noticed changes in their consumer behaviour and attitudes, and if so, what these look like and what has inspired them.

We’re interested to hear whether young people are trying to be more frugal, or more conscious of the environment, social justice or other political causes when shopping for fashion, homewares, cosmetics, health treatments, or travel. And more broadly, whether they have adjusted their views on subjects such as consumerism, economic growth, and personal wealth creation.

Whether you think your overall attitude has changed, you’re trying to consume less, buy mostly second-hand, are primarily focused on spending less overall, or would like to change your consumer behaviour but aren’t because of practical obstacles, we’d like to hear from you.

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Tell us whether your consumer behaviour has changed, and if so, how. What influences your consumer behaviour do you think, and are there aspects of your behaviour you’d like to change in future?

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