Venom 3 Sequel Shouldn’t Focus On Toxin

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The Venom movies have already featured two symbiote villains, making focusing on another in the third movie too much of the same.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, now playing in theaters.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage not only introduced the eponymous evil symbiote but also hinted at the birth of another one. Stephen Graham’s Detective Mulligan is suggested toward the movie’s end to potential take on his comic book role of the symbiote Toxin. And while this setup should be built upon in a likely third film, it shouldn’t be the focus of that movie.

The Venom movies have already featured two other symbiotes besides Venom, so focusing on another in the third movie would be too much of the same. Another route could involve other adversaries while Toxin lurks in the background, letting his presence be known at a small level. Here’s why the red and black symbiote should sit the next movie out, at least in terms of being the focus.

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The Venom Movies Have Enough Symbiotes

Carnage Venom 2 Comics

Riot and Carnage were the villains of the first and second Venom movies, and as symbiotes, they were exactly like Venom himself. Toxin logically would be as well, although he’s usually portrayed as more heroic than Venom and is never a villain. Despite this, having another symbiote around, regardless of allegiance, might be too close to what’s already been done for both comic book fans and moviegoers.

Toxin could be shown as a symbiote who’s operating in the shadows and watched by whoever is looking for Venom, but he shouldn’t have any sort of major role except maybe a post-credits scene. This would establish that the other mysterious symbiote seen in security footage is indeed Toxin/Detective Patrick Mulligan, and it could be used to establish some other great threat. This could be an all-out symbiote war involving Scream, Phage and other symbiotes, or even the revelation of the existence of Knull, the symbiote god. Those plot threads should be used in later films, but for now, symbiotes besides Venom should be put on the backburner.

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Characters Besides Toxin That Could the Be Focus In a New Venom Film

sin eater

To be fair, much of Venom’s Rogues Gallery of opponents is comprised of either symbiotes or Spider-Man villains. This shouldn’t keep the sequel from moving away from symbiotes for the time being, however. One potential adversary is Jack O’Lantern, a Spider-Man foe who’s also run amok of Venom. Venom 3 could use this to its advantage, using the character essentially as Venom’s Green Goblin, complete with pumpkin bombs.

Another choice is that of the Guardsmen, who are a legion of armored officers who typically police the prison known as the Vault. Various Guardsmen have faced Venom in the past, and they were central threats in the Venom: Lethal Protector book, despite being good guys. This story involved Venom being somewhat notorious for his crimes against Spider-Man, leading to Guardsmen quarreling with him. Given that Venom/Eddie are on the run in many ways following Venom: Let There Be Carnage, this premise could be replicated.

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There’s also Virus, a recent villain who’s actually none other than Mac Gargan, the villain usually known as Scorpion. The Virus armor is a retrofitted Iron Man/War Machine costume made to be a symbiote killing machine, but these ties to Tony Stark could prevent the identity from being used. Then there’s the Sin-Eater, who was instrumental in Venom’s birth and continued rampages in the comics. A superhuman serial killer who once worked for the government, Sin-Eater in the movies could be used as a sort of evil Captain America sent to track down Venom. Later versions even had supernatural powers used to draw the evil out of someone, which could be particularly potent against the guilty Eddie Brock.

Whether or not any of these villains show up in the movies remains to be seen, but they certainly provide interesting avenues for the film series to go forward with in lieu of using just another symbiote.

To see the Lethal Protector take on another symbiote, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is in theaters now. 

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